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Site History

Electric fish are a system with great ‘potential’ for genotype-to-phenotype research, but prior to 2013, no genomic resources were available!

In the ensuing years, workers from around the world have started to develop genomic resources and functional tools for manipulating gene function in weakly electric fish. In 2014, the first version of EFISHGENOMICS was released to disseminate the electric eel genome, and the electric organ and muscle transcriptomes of the electric catfish, mormyrid species Brienomyrus brachyistius, and several gymnotiform species.

Since then, the available data has grown, thanks to community involvement and interest: as such, this site is now an integral tool to allow for the rapid dissemination of large and complex electric fish related genomics datasets and protocols.

In 2017 we released EFISHGENOMICS 2.0 release: since then, we’ve had more than 3500 unique visitors from 71 countries, primarily serving researchers in the U.S., France, China, and Germany and Canada. The newfound availability of electric fish genome resources impacted the research community predictably: new and exciting hypotheses came forward implicating gene function in the evolution of the numerous electric fish phenotypes.

In 2022, we released EFISHGENOMICS 3.0, featuring a cool new logo, as well as upgraded systems for more efficient BLAST search and genome browsing, as well as a more efficient underlying system for facilitating large collaborative projects, which will ultimately make more resources public sooner.

Future Releases

In the coming months, we plan to release a new “protocols” section featuring functional genomics tools, as well as an upgraded system for designing CRISPR/Cas9 sgRNAs based on newly sequenced genomes.


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